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A Prayer for Eyes to See

Dear God, I come before You tired and sick and out of touch with You. I want nothing more and nothing less than You. So grant me my desire. You alone are great and worthy to be praised, oh Father. You alone are worthy. Oh consume me, Dad. I'm so tired of the compromise in my heart and in my life. Make me to kill my sin, and the roots of it, by the power of Your Word and Spirit. COME! Oh holy One! COME! I await You! COME! I seek You! COME! I'm in infinite need of You! I look to You as to the One who provides my very being, my very breath, my very strength, my very all. How can I, how can WE, forget You??? It should be impossible, for the world and its creatures are one great mirror reflecting You. Clear our eyes that we might see You in Your mirror! Moisten our eyes that we might see You in the mighty heavens, with its innumerable galaxies containing innumerable stars! Make me to stand in awe of all I see of You in Your awesome creation, and make me drop as though dead in reverence and joyful trembling as I see Your Face in Your Word. May Psalm 119 be my experience! I am so distracted by the world Lord, and I want to wisely separate myself as You commanded us through Peter. I want to fully give myself as You commanded through John. I must be in the world, not of the world, but loving the world. Help me to lead! God! We are almost buried in the world! Our love grows so cold, the flame is now hardly a flicker! Revive! Revive us oh God! For Your Name's sake! You, yes, YOU, have put YOUR Name on me, and on Your most treasured church- so make us like You! May we not lie to ourselves about Who You are! May we not lie to the world by our deadness! And may we not lie to the angelic host which watches on. May we reflect You here! I stand before You now, tired and somewhat seasoned, no longer a very recent convert. And I say, I want more. Please give me more, lest I faint in the way. I will be rewarded with Your Presence.