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In Honor of Billy Graham, the Great Falcon

Like a wise wizened bird,
A great falcon in his stone house,
Sitting at the end of his days,
He listens to yet another hopeful president,
Who seeks his blessing.

Billy has deep set eyes and a prominent brow,
And a noble nose like a bird of prey.
For decades he tore zealously from the Bible's flesh,
And with fresh food fed millions
Of hungry hatchlings who knew not,
That they would come forward,
And be changed, forever.

They were changed not by Dr. Graham,
But by the spiritual meat of the Lamb offered,
Changed by the resurrected, pure, unblemished Word,
The Son of God.

Dr. Graham sits now dignified,
Having finished most his work,
Waiting not to die,
But to go where he belongs:
"To the spirits of the righteous made perfect."

He waits and prays to go to Heaven,
Knowing that he himself,
Like those spirits,
Is righteous not by any- or all-
Of what he has done,
But by the One covering Wing,
And pardoning blood of Jesus Christ.

Jesus too evangelized- concerning Himself.
And then laid Himself upon the altar,
The cross, to be slain for those who
Deserve the knife, the wrath of God.

Billy would say,
"If you give your life to Jesus Christ,
You will be saved."
The Bible commends his efforts:
"The lips of the righteous feed many."

It was not as though Billy was perfect,
In Bible knowledge or in life.
It was that he spoke fearlessly.
More so, that he spoke very plainly,
The very basic, simple, all-powerful,

He was a bit like the apostle Paul
Two thousand years before him, who said,
"I am not ashamed of the Gospel,
For it is the power of God for salvation
To everyone who believes,
To the Jew first and also to the Greek."
And to Arabs, Asians, Africans,
Indians, and all people everywhere,
From East to West,
From frozen tundra to sweltering islands.

Jesus says, "Come to Me,
All who are weary
And heavy-laden,
And I will give you rest."
And so Billy went around the globe, Saying simply what his Master said.
And very many found rest in the arms of Jesus Christ.

Now the calm southern scream
Of the falcon is almost never heard,
His feathers tattered and claws worn.
What billion birds will take up the call,
And help the rest to be reborn?