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Get it done.
Don’t think about it.
Do it.

Press as hard as you can.
Put all your might into your work.
Put all your strength into your work.
Put all your power into your work.

Push to the limit with all you’ve got-
Whatever you do.
For it says, “Whatever your hand finds to do
Do it with all your might.”
For the Lord.
For Him alone.

Push to the limit.
But don’t think it is you.
And don’t let it be you.
For it says, “‘Not by might,
Nor by power,
But by my Spirit,’
Says the LORD of hosts.”

Pray for might.
Pray for power.
Pray for strength in Him.
Meditate on Scripture.
Hear the preaching.

The Spirit gets eternal things done.
The Spirit drives us.
The Spirit compels us.
The Spirit can give us intensity.
The Spirit can at the same time give us calm
In Christ.
He gives us rest in Christ
While we spend ourselves,
For God,
And for others.