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Prayer for Spiritual Sustenance

Father God,

How I long for You in a dry and weary land where there is no water! How I thirst for You! Give me of Yourself and I will be satisfied. Indeed, when I awake in Your likeness I will be most perfectly satisfied. Give me of this satisfaction now! Give me of Your blessed presence, now! I can't live without You! I am totally dependent on YOU! YOU only can make me happy. You only can make me fulfilled. I am not a man but a worm, and glad to be so, if only I can enjoy YOU!

Lord, I am dying of a lack of You! No water is necessary! No food does my body require! Only You! Well did the saints of old recommend fasting! For so I shall do today- in honor of YOU.

There is nothing else I can do, but to honor You every second of my life. There is no other thing that I want to do. I am dying to honor my God, for Whom I was made. I am totally committed to You, and would rather die than sin against You. If only I always felt this way! Please forgive the constant transgression and ommission which flows through my spiritual system. My heart! You are my heart, and I can do nothing against You. If only it were the case, even now! If only I could not only commit myself to full and constant obedience, but see that by Your power it was completely done, even now!

Oh help me to go on. But Lord, You require that I not merely "go on", but that I flourish before Thee, in reverence and awe, with joy and thanksgiving. So this I shall do- not for my sake, but for Yours. I will live this day unto You.