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I Need A Prophet

I need a prophet,
To tell me who I am;
I need a seer,
Who sees my inward man.

I need a preacher,
To pierce me with God's Word;
I need a counselor,
To show me I'm absurd.

I need a friend,
Who knows me to the core;
I need an enemy,
Who helps me by his war.

I need a teacher,
To tear my mental maps;
I need the humble,
To teach me without facts.

I need great pain,
To train me God knows how;
I need His strength,
So for Him I'll bow.

I need the Word,
To show me all my sin;
I need the Word,
Who died and rose again.

I need the church,
To bear my sorrows too;
I need Christ's body,
To love me through and through.

I need love God,
Who makes me what I am;
I need love all,
For God became a man.