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Laboring With God

No productivity is had in the rush,
To move mountains for God while unable to blush.

We rush hasty on and forget our great God,
We help the poor prosper while inside we applaud:

"Not unto God, no not unto God, be the glory;
But unto us... may WE get the big story."

Our God watches on as we scratch tooth and nail,
To mimic our Lord- with no wind in our sail!

No wind of the Spirit to hustle us on,
Just refined selfish motives- and no love of the Son;

Just wickedness subtle, the remains of old death,
Yet enough outward action to lay conscience to rest.

Oh, weary we should be, of the loveless endeavors,
For God they would seem, but for Him almost never.

We need instead to rest first in His love,
And pray in His Word with strength from above.

To wait on Him meekly and cry for assistance,
To worship Him boldly and give no resistance...

To let Him break us and shape us as we seek His good face,
To let Him show us our infinite need for more grace...

These acts own our weakness, and make true our search,
For the God who wants humble-souls... before mountainous church.

Giving glory to Him, we'll boast in our weakness!
And produce God's true fruit, in joy-giving sweetness!

"For when I'm weak, when I'm weak- then I'm strong- in Him!"
But to labor without God- is sin.