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Last On My List

God, You have been last on my list. Why? Because I hate You? No, but because I know how much You love me. I am that secure in your love, knowing subconsciously that if the world begins to crowd You out of my life You will still force Your way back in, and turn my eyes to Yours, again.

Thank You for never leaving me God. Thank You that Your love is indeed a steadfast love. No sin of mine can now seperate me from You, now that Christ was seperated from You in my place.

Oh dear Lord, how I long to be a more faithful child. You are not only so good that You make me comfortable in Your love, but You are better yet: Your Love demands obedience from me. And the demand comes not so much as a command but as an irresistable summons to live with You and enjoy You. You draw even me, a lazy soul.

You have been last on my list, but I have been first on Yours. You can do all things at once, so that Your attention to this child is never second to anything else. For some strange reason, I'm a big deal to You. Each of Your children are the big concern of Your every day.

My heart, then, is Yours, for who can resist almighty and perfect love?