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Lord, Creator, and Redeemer

To Our LORD, Creator, and Redeemer:

You Alone are God.
There is No Other.

You Are.

You are Holy, Holy, Holy,
Infinitely Great! Good!
Infinitely Good!

You are Spirit, Infinite, Eternal, Invisible,
Self-Existent, Perfect, Free,

Excellent, Wonderful, Beautiful,
Endlessly So,
Infinitely So.

Your Knowledge- Boundless.
Your Wisdom- Bottomless.

You are Royal Joy,
Blessed Forever.
You are the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
The One Ruler.
The Sovereign.
The Joy of the Whole Earth.

Almighty Power is Yours.

You are Patient with Sinners- Amazing!

You are Fully Present Everywhere,
At Every Moment.
You Control Every Facet,
Of Every Distant Star,
And Every Human Life,
For Your Own Glory,
And for the Good of Your People.

You are Love,
And You are Justice.

You are Truth,
And You are Reality.

You are Immovable,
And One Loving Act.

You are the Goal of Thought,
And the Source of Thought.

You are the Ultimate Source Of,
And Destination For,
Affectionate Love.

None are more Worthy than You, Lord.

You are the Source of Choice,
And the Only One Worth our Choosing,
And Our Shouts of Joy!
Joy! Joy! Joy!
Joy is Ours, for You are All-Glorious, Our God.

High Praise to Our God!
Sound the Trumpet!
Gather the Great Host of Worshipers!
Give All Glory to God!
The Great God! The Only God!

Indeed, Your Creation was Your Own Bursting Forth in Joy and Love,
In Response the Symbols of Your Glory,
From Supernova to Man, Give You Praise, Praise, Praise!

You are Absolute Personality.
You, Our God, are Three-
Father, Son, Holy Spirit-
Three Infinite and Blessed Persons,
Of One Glory,
The Same God,
From Everlasting to Everlasting.

And Your Son,
Is Now of the Same Substance and Nature,
With us Humans…-
Oh the Thought!
Fully Man and Fully God,
Oh, Mystery and Delight!

How Compassionate You Are,
Your Kindness Drops from the Sky,
Drops of Mercy,
A Ceaseless and Gentle Rain.
You Care for Your Creation:
Man, Beast, Earth, Sky, and Sea.
Towering Mountain and Humble Valley,
Male and Female,
Lion and Prairie,
Cloud and Eagle,
Ocean Deeps and Sporting Whale.

You Control All Things for Your Own Fantastic Glory,
And for the Everlasting Blessing of Your beloved Church.
We are Your Chosen Children,
The Co-Heirs with our Brother Christ,
Who is Lord Forever, Amen.

You Hate All Evil.
Thus, You Hate Those Who have No Love for You,
Which is the Essence of Evil.

All by Nature,
Are Only a Heartbeat from Hell.

But You,
In Mercy,
And According to Your Good Pleasure,
Have Always set Your Eternal Love,
Upon Some,
In Order to Redeem Them,
From their Utter Rebellion and Folly.

Ah Yes,
Our God,
You Have Done this through the Amazing Humiliation of the King-
Your One and Only Son-
Even to the Point of His Death,
On that Cross of Curse.

He was Bloodied by Men,
And Completely Abandoned by You-
Not because He Deserved It,
But because You Wanted to Give Him a Church,
A Pure Bride,
A Love-Gift,
A Brotherhood,
A Vast Family.

And You Did it Because You Loved those Elect People,
Out of Your Good Pleasure,
And for No Other Reason.
There was Nothing in Us but Sin,
Nothing to Attract You to Us.
It was According to the Counsel of Your Will.
Who is Like You Oh Lord?

You have Given Us Your Word and Your Holy Spirit,
To Make Us Alive Within,
And to Comfort and Guide Us.

You will One Day Dwell Among Us,
And We Will then be Perfect Forever…

Then we will Fully Know the Meaning Of,
"You shall be My People, and I shall be Your God."
Then We will Enter the Real Paradise You have Prepared.

Thank You for Being our God,
Our Creator,
Our Sustainer,
Our Redeemer,
Our Faithful Friend,
And Our Father.
We Couldn't Dream for More.