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Morbid No More

I see a skeleton, and it makes me long,
For death- yet for life- for I belong,
In another world.

For everlasting majesty is in my heart,
And naked skeleton shows me I'll departů
To that other world.

I pine not for death itself, as cruel foe,
But I pant for passage from below,
To that high other world.

Without life, or zeal, or motion,
The bones shout forth clear notion,
That I WILL BE in that other world!

With arms 'cross chest, devout, the skeletoned dead,
The skull turns upward, to the Blessed Head,
In that other world.

Set apart, cut off from world of sin,
Rotting bones remain, I'll join my kin,
In that glorious, other world.

Dead from sin and dead to sin, we rest,
My skeleton and I; it in the grave,
And I in that other world.

Join I then at my last breath,
The One whose cross brought life from death;
UNSPEAKABLE LIFE! in that holy other world.