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Prayer of a Little Man

Dear God, You know exactly where I am. You know all things. You know when I rise and when I sit. You have numbered the hairs on my head. What can I say but that I rejoice in You? There is no other like You. All is mere creation, from Your mere will and good pleasure, conceived in majesty with eternal glory. Your aim was the complete glorification of Thyself. Oh dear Lord, why have You included me? You are all Majesty and Glory, and I am only a little man. It must be a very perfect glorification You have under way, if even the likes of this little one are wrapped up in it and essential to it. If one detail is out of place, then all is for nought, and worthless. But praise be to You O King, there is not and will not ever be a single thing out of place! You rule with perfect control, and wisdom, and purpose, and motive. I'm astounded by You. How is it that my little hands may type TO THEE?!? And You see! You are indeed the God Who sees me- even in Your infinite plan of glorifying Yourself.