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Seed Life

Beneath the encrusted snow
My heart lies buried,
Though no longer dead.
In this Winter Age
It beats slow,
And my future glory hibernates.
I want to grow.

This early seed-life
Is filled with pain,
But it is yet life,
And for that I am thankful.
A seed planted
Lives though unseen;
Struggles and breaks its shell,
though what it shall be
Is as yet unrecognizable.

But when at last
the First Spring comes,
It will melt away
The preserving cold.
The Son upon me in full
Shall strengthen His Life within,
and I will finally break through
And end my fearful self.

The roots of my affection
For Him will then grow
To unimaginable depths,
And I will rise
Triumphant, bold, and sturdy.
I will have no worry in life,
For the Son of His Love
will perfectly drive out fear.

My mind will be nourished
To a healthy green,
And my thoughts
Will be ripe fruit for God;
My body will be tall, strong, unshakable;
My heart, my soul, my entire being,
Will be filled and flowing,
With the sweet Sap of God.

In His time,
The Light will cure me;
But now I wait,
I struggle,
I cry.
I perceive the Blessed Light,
But through frozen ground.