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A Wild Work of Wonder and Wisdom

The only way I can figure he did it was by letting the wind blow him from the pine tree at roughly a forty-five degree angle. Aloft in the breeze but secured by a spontaneous, self-made thread, he must have drifted down to the grass, secured the thread on it, and crawled all the way back up his own little rope. Back in the tree, on a branch some nine feet high, he again let out a thread, and by some acrobatics again arrived at, and battened down, the external work of his inner spindle. No cranes to lift him high, and no hard hatted coworkers by which to spread the wire from fixture to fixture, he built, I suppose, the superstructure first. This must have happened over night, for the long thread glistened unbroken and uncompromised in the morning sunlight. I could not believe the architectural genius of his main supports. A few other threads, at wisely staggered points, attached to the main. They were supports at different points for his penultimate goal: the iconic miracle of the spider web. It was evenly crafted with a sort of creative symmetry. It was a polygon, within a polygon, within a polygon. Some twenty to twenty-five circular yet angular shapes were sewn  along the same radials, the result being a delicate but powerful web, flexible in the wind, yet strong enough to hold his ultimate goal- a meal.

What God has done in the spider! His glory shines mysteriously yet undeniably in the wisdom, skill, and diligence of this tiny creature. May all praise be to Almighty God who works wonders uncountable in the world around us and in our own lives! To Him be the praise! And the honor! And the glory!