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Spiritual Ecstasy

There are no words,
But only shouts and groans,
To speak soul's glory,
When for God we moan.

To Him we stretch,
To His Excellence run,
To the Risen Christ,
The Ineffable One.

To behold Him is,
To see soul's End,
To be raptured now,
And near done with sin.

To hear His Voice,
Is to feel face be melt,
To have heart so full,
And whole body knelt.

Oh, the song rushed through me,
My heart sweet-tuned,
God's Melody in me,
By Love consumed.

There Christ Unspeakable,
Glorious Beauty,
Everlasting Father,
Heaven to me.

But singing to Him,
Was then to rob,
Overcome by Love,
Joy's tears I sobbed.

"More Love To Thee"
Hymn's theme I know,
Great love to Three,
One thing I owe.